Posted by admin on October 24, 2012

Dexter Needs Some Wheels


Dexter is almost 9 years old. He has a spinal impingement that is hindering his mobility. He has extreme difficulty ambulating his hind legs. Dexter has been fit for his own custom wheels the cost being $450. He is a spunky guy with great spirit. He wants to run and play but cannot due to his disability. He came into rescue being denied many things in life. He was forgotten, and no longer wanted. He spent most of his time crated in a garage or basement due to his physical challenges. Since coming into LIBR he has experienced unconditional love, kindness, and constant affection.

He is in a loving foster home and awaits his new wheels....please visit our 'How You Can Help' page.

Saving Fred's Life

Posted by admin on July 09, 2012

This is Fred when he first came into foster care. He was emaciated and neglected. Then he went to the city shelter and got really really sick there.



Saving Fred's life has been very costly, we all, including his Dr's love him. He has put up a tremendous fight, we want him to enjoy life, as he was emaciated and so neglected before he got to the shelter, then he stayed too long at the shelter through some mix up. He is doing much better, but we still have a horrendous bill to pay, even at a 40% discount. We are asking those who are following his story to donate $10 to his care. Thank you from Fred and his foster family Winnie and Jon.




Fred is home and doing great!!! Big paws up to his friends and supporters for saving him!




Posted by admin on July 01, 2012

Update! Baby Bella is no longer soon!


BIG NEWS! Baby Bella adopted! She is doing great, and although she will always limp, it does not stop this awesome pup, she is such a Rock Star! She even took over the LIBR Kissing Booth at an event!









A Bully Valentine!

Posted by admin on April 25, 2012


Be My Bullytine Valentine's Card Fundraiser 2012!

Long Island Bulldog Rescue helps, heals, and homes English Bulldogs throughout the whole northeast and Canada. Watch this video collection of Bullytine pics of rescued bulldogs, adopted bulldogs, and their friends!  Support Bulldog Rescue...Volunteer, Foster, Adopt or help by making a Donation.

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