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Posted by joe famiglietti on
I just attended the event in Shirley and spoke with annie. I have filled out the adoption application and I'm anxiously awaiting the chance to adopt a new buddy!
Posted by Pam Fournier on
Dedicated Fan 8 yrs!! Just checking out the new website!! lIBR Rocks as usual!
Posted by Melissa on
Laurette good morning. If u remember me this Melissa I have been in touch with u for years. I adopted poundcake a long time ago and was looking for another Billie. I see Mac on the adoptable dogs list can u tell me if Mac is still available . We would love to have him. Thank you
Posted by rkwest on
An update on Baxter(aka Marston). He is doing very well in his new home and is now a whopping 57 lbs. He loves to be around his kids and spending his evenings laying on his back being rubbed and watching yankee games
Posted by maria papaluca on
hi laurette, i hope you are doing well. i was wondering if you have any available bulldogs. please call me at: 203-641-5000 thanks and kindest regards, maria :)
Posted by Dillon McDowell on
Hello, my father dave has already talked to you. his email is dave1417@aol.com and he asked about a bulldog named tigger 11 months old. We are trying to see pictures of tigger or other bulldogs but i cant see any.
Posted by Michelle on
Do you currently have any puppies or young bulldogs available?
Posted by Andrea Skidgel on
Hello LIBR! My husband and I would like to thank you again for helping us adopt our handsome boy, Dublin. While we cannot understand how someone can abuse/neglect such a handsome boy - we are grateful, because that is how he ended up with us. He needed us just as much as we needed him! Thank you so much. Happy Holidays.
Posted by Lori on
My name is Lori my mom,dad and I Adopted a bulldog named blue from you a few years ago and u just wanted to let you know he is doing good, he loves to sleep with me and Cuddle all night. He likes to play and eat. I can not walk around the house without him being right behind me. He is a great bulldog and is part of our family thank you for all the bulldogs you help
Posted by wayne starkey on
Hi Laurette, Fred wanted to send out a Big THANK YOU to all the nice doctors, forster parents, you and his many supportive fans who encouraged him through his stint in the hospital.
He is now 55lbs and growing. Has several special sleeping spots. Fred has 2 pal around cats ,Missy and Mister.
Halloween and Christmas were very much enjoyed . Presents and costumes all over.
Mr. Fred has been a huge blessing to our family . See you at the next Bully Event.
Posted by D DeNardis on
I heard about your work with Bull Dog Rescue on Howard Stern XM. I am telling some friends about LIBR that have expressed an interest in a family pet. Maybe something good will come of it :-). Keep up the good work.
Posted by Greg on
As some one who used to have a bulldog I am very happy to see a organization like this on Long Island. I love Bulldogs and I love this. I'll have to look into the future and adopt!
Posted by Michele Abbondandolo on
I make you my best wishes, keep up with the good work
Posted by Mimi on
The video on the website is terrific. Kudos to you and the work you do in helping so many wonderful Bullies.
Posted by E. Sears on
Hi, I just want to TY for your dedicated work displayed on your website. On Saturday, Dec 7, 2013 (3 days ago) we had to put our English Bulldog of 8 years "Beautiful Bella" down due to an illness. We've been crying like babies since due to the love and joy she gave us everyday.
Once our sorrow of our recent loss has dissipated (and hopefully it will) we will be looking for another "Bella".
TY again for assisting this loving and caring breed.
RIP Beautiful Bella
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